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November 1, 2008
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The Second Portrait by Odin-Lionheart The Second Portrait by Odin-Lionheart

Model: Carolina
Location: Cathedral crypt, Lund

So this brings me to my second set of portraits. This one having more good photos because one, we were shooting in a more interesting place, and two... I got lucky.

Anyhow, these are all shot down in a crypt (old, old one; think it was built in the 16th century) where the light was very scarce. So I had to stretch my camera to the max, despite the lack of a tripod, in hopes of delivering good shots. So I worked with the few lightsources that were avaliable.

This is my teacher's favorite shot out of those I took. He really, really liked the original, but not this edit. However when it comes to anything going in the artistic/graphical direction I will not trust someone with grey hair to a 100% (key rule of mine). I prefer this edit over the one edit I made where I tried to keep it as real to the original as possible while correcting any flaws my teacher percieved.
Actually, here [link] I'll let you make up your mind which is the better myself.

However, due to the unexpected praise from someone who has worked with photography for a long time, I figured it would be a good photo to begin with. The others will be posted one a day from here on so that I will have time finalizing them.


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I like this one better. It seems more focused on the window she is looking out of and she ties in well with the background. The other one seems a little too light and you can't decide where to place your eyes on the photo. Very well done!
Weeell, if the focus is on the window then it's not a very good portrait. But your remarks are accurate, and I too agree with why you like this one more.
Wish I understood about photography and could give you more support and maybe tips... nevertheless, this one is my favorite out of the three, I think it really shows you worked hard. Also, I like this version of photo more than the other one.
Sorry, can't comment with anything better.
Oh no, your comment is quite lovely, and I do not expect anyone who look at it to understand anything about photography. Not even I understand that much. My goal is to make something that looks good on the eyes, not something that is technically superb.
the fatidic photo makes it's first appearance, strikng a interesting combination of placement,light and beauty, as i said before my friend, this endeavour was a extremely wellcrafted one
Your support, being of the arch-nemesisy kind, is always well-appreciated in its cunning cincerity. Of course, you have already seen it, but it is still welcome.
as you see my opinion didn't chance with the passing of these autumn nights
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